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1/12-30 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
1/4-24 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
10/40-56 35 mm Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
10/40-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
2.5/10-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
2/16-44 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
3/12-50 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
3/25-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
3/9-42 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/16-42 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/16-50 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/48-56 New Gen2 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/50-75 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
5/25-42 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
6/25-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
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Illuminated Reflex Combat Optical Gunsights
Starfighter NightVision GunSight: 2.5 x 50mm
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Published Articles & Reviews

*The article above incorrectly states that scopes come with rings. Rings are sold separately.

Field Reviews

"I've been using this scope since May now and I can't tell you enough how much I like it.

I'm fortunate enough to have a 600 yard rifle range on my property. My Counter Sniper scope is mounted on a Remington Tactical .308. The scope repeats itself every time.

Thanks for such a fine product. I've compared it to my Leupolds, Nikons, Sightrons, Burris, etc. and I will definitely be purchasing more of the Counter Snipers."

Bart Ballew
Patron Member NRA

Customer Testimonials


I purchased the 1x4 crusader scope a few months back after many weeks of research. There is a lot of miss-guided information on the net about CS scopes... I was able to find some reviews from folks who own and use the CS line of scopes and what they had to say about them stuck with me. I live on a very fixed income and do NOT have money to burn when it comes to this stuff so for me I needed to get the most value for my buck...My younger brother uses a Nightforce 5x25x56 NSX and told me I was making a mistake buying the CS scope, as he is a follower of the "hide" and all their reviews. I could not be happier with my choice! Comparing the two side by side there is almost no difference in the clarity of the two scopes and he paid close to 2000. for his scope. I spent less than half that and my scope is just as bright and clear as his! My only regret is that I didnt opt for the 2x16x44 instead of the 1x4x24. The extra power would prove better for longer ranges but the 1x4 is a great close-in to mid range scope.

My wife and I recently had our First child and we have many more expenses than we used to now, so I will have to wait on buying a new scope for a while but when I do, you can bet it will be the 2x16x44!

Thank you Dark Ops for bringing Value and quality to the blue-collar shooter!

PS: Pics of my scope mounted on my rifle are available here.

A Customer for Life
Ira Rodriguez


There was not enough room to write everything good about your scopes. I own only the best when it comes to Optics. I love the large knob on your scopes, it makes adjustments when shooting much easier. Your scope gathers the most light of any of my scopes. I own Leupold, Burris, Panther, Aimpoint, Bushnell and Trijicon Acog for both .308 & .223

I plan on buying both other scopes offered by Sportsmans Guide. I will also buy your rings to mount them. So far everything I have purchased has been top notch. Thank you for such a good scope.

Ravid Nelson
Tulsa, OK

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