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1/12-30 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
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10/40-56 35 mm Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
10/40-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
2.5/10-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
2/16-44 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
3/12-50 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
3/25-56 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
3/9-42 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/16-42 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/16-50 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
4/48-56 New Gen2 Weapon Mountable Optical Gunsights
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About Us

Borne of a decade of development for the sterile and untraceable optical rifle sighting requirements of Special Operations and clandestine warfare, CounterSniper Military Optical Gunsights Corp. manufactures a line of optical weapon sighting systems and visible and IR laser aiming systems from CQB to long range sniping and competition. The CMOG Titanium Line is the only tactical riflescope in the world UNCONDITIONALLY warranted for life. Battle damage, bomb damage, even bullet impacts are covered. If it is damaged unworkable, send it to us and we will fix it or give you a new one.

CounterSniper Military Optical Gunsights Corp is Headquartered in Rochester NY, the imaging capital of the world. It is home to some of the premier optical creation, coating and imaging companies. The integration of these capabilities yield some of Americas most critical observation technologies. For more info on these remarkable tools of the preservation of liberty, call us, or see your authorized CounterSniper Dealer! C

SO Crusader and Avenger Series Riflescopes CounterSniper's world renowned tactical rifle scopes are considered by many to be the finest optical gunsights available at any price. Military direct prices range from $1325.00 to $2860.00 dollars for the T6061 Aircraft aluminum models and from $4129.00-$7150.00 for the Titanium models.

What makes a riflescope cost up to 7000 dollars? It is the combination of the best components the world offers with an attention to detail on which your life can depend. These include:
  • Forged and milled pure Titanium or T6061 aircraft aluminum bodies.
  • Impact resistance to more than 5000 times the force of gravity.
  • Lenses of utterly flawless transmissivity, composited to aspheric lens elements to eliminate chromatic aberrations with apochromatic lenses with Extra Low Dispersion Glass.
  • Proprietary-230-+485°F degree stable pure optical glass
  • 24 step vacuum Bertrillium-Zantitium™ multicoating, raises the light transmission coefficients to beyond anything achieved to date.
  • Massive 56mm primary objective lenses offer nearly triple the light transmission area of lesser designs.
  • Vacuum and lifetime sealed with a mixture of nitrogen and rare earth gasses.
  • Vaporless, fogless, mirageless- unaffected by atmospheric ranges from below sea level to 5 miles above it.
  • Waterproof for marine-ops, dustproof for desert warfare & ergonomically compatible with arctic gloves or desert heat.
  • Revolutionary front and rear reticle focal plane design dramatically reduces parallax & provides an immovable reticle plane with variable power accuracy identical to fixed power designs.
  • Selective ranging at power allows for 1 fourth to 1 milliradian ranging, zoomable as needed on FFP Models.
  • Variable power illumination to the reticle-red and green and black

Add these features to the specs below it yields a warfighting optic bordering the incomparable. They are in service today with elite Military and Law enforcement units in variable power ranges from 1-8x up to 10-40x, with a power range for nearly every known tactical application.

  • Optical Glass Construction: Primary objectives to 60mm in Proprietary, Hi-Flourite, Leaded 99.997%Pure Optical Glass with (Aspheric Lamination on the Titanium models, apochromatic ELD on Aluminum), Features 230-+485 degree stable Bertrillium~Zantitium multicoated optics on both primary, secondary and interior lens groups, Night Vision Compatibility available. 10-14 lenses in 7-12 groups depending on power.
  • Turret Construction: Patent pending turret locking system, 7.5 or 15MOA per revolution, scopes can be locked down in applications that do not require ranging. Stainless Steel & brass construction, rustproof, triple sealed. 1/8th or 1/4 MOA increments.
  • Focusing: SideFocus, Torsional Friction lock, indexed for distance, left hand side, non-focusing models feature our power dependent parallax free design.
  • Eye relief: Extended eye relief design for high power rifles, minimum 3.02 inches to 6.44 inches based on model.
  • Waterproofing & Chemical Survivability: Internally pressurized, Viton Sealed,MilSpec Immersion Tested & Waterproof, Autoclavable Decon OK
  • Reticle & Illumination: Mildot, Tactical Cross, TDRM Front or Rear Focal Plane Engraved Glass shockproof to 5000g's, lifetime warranted. Tri~Color Red, Green, Black Variable Intensity, 4 Color Red, Green, Blue, Black Variable Intensity on Titanium models
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm/1.18 or 35mm, model specific, 44mm ocular diameter
  • Finish: MilSpec Covert Ano Blk Matte Hardcoat, custom finish available
  • Diopter Range of Adjustment: Minimum -3.5 to +3.5 model dependent
  • Windage and Elevation Adjustment: 45 MOA Minimum up to 240MOA, lockable-see specs for specific model
  • Tube Construction: Forged & milled Titanium Space AlloyMilSpec Hard Ano 30 or 35mmMilled 1 pc Square-Saddle Tube or Forged T6161 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Covert Black Anodized Body 30 or 35mm Milled 1 pc SquareSaddle Tube, Titanium Springs
  • AntiFog Gas Purge & Seal: Proprietary rare earth/nitrogen/argon gas purged, hard earth sealed Optical Transmissivity Coating: 24 step vacuum Bertrillium~Zantitium™ multicoating on both primary, secondary and interior lens groups, proprietary dim and blue light dawn/dusk enhancing coating provides dramatic increase in lowvisible spectrumlight settings, enhances clarity and contrast.
  • AntiScratch Coating: TitaniStar 68 Rockwell Mil Spec AntiScratch coating, all exposed primary and ocular lenses
  • Mirage & Haze Filter Daylight Coating: InfraShield proprietary Daylight InfraRed spectrum blocker for rays 685nm and higher
  • Water Displacement/Ice Shield Coating: CSO Proprietary HydroShear Moisture Displacement Coating
  • Dust Prevention Coating: CSO Proprietary DustCaster Anti~Static IonCharge
  • Warrantee: The world's most comprehensive warrantee on optical gunsights. The world's only lifetime warrantee on tactical scopes. Limited Lifetime on optical aluminum models, Lifetime UNCONDITIONAL with full battle damage replacement on Titanium models. See card within package for details and reflex and electronic sight warrantees and over runs or contract designate, certain limitations apply.

Scope What makes a CounterSniper™ Optic truly of value... put it in the hands of an American Warrior committed to liberty and let him annihilate those who would deny it to others...that value is priceless!

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